Meditation & Ayurveda

Demetrion – the workshop of awareness


Awareness through meditation:

Finding to your centre through silence, accompanied by reflection and biography work.


Ayurveda treatment: Massages, body cleanse, yoga, nutrition, breathing and relaxation.


Meditation: Through daily meditation we find calm, we can free our intellect of patterns, we can recognise our true mind, we can live our 'self', we can recognise and dissolve our fears (through biography work and reflection). We free our perception of blockades that have left their traces in our body.

Finding to the self, recognising and accepting one's own being, this is the foundation of conscious living.


Working through personal history, accompanied by Lina Menzel

Who am I?

What can I do to live a fulfilling, happy life?

Where do I come from, where am I going?

What do I fear and why? How can I let go of these fears. Transform these fears?

How can I free myself, in order to recognise and live my true self?

How can I transform worries, doubts, rejection and illness and be in harmony with the cosmos?

How can I encounter the 'divine' within myself and escape the untruth in which we often live?

How does letting go happen, how can I become closer to myself, accept myself with love and find my inner peace?

Accept the joy of life as a gift from above and pass on this gift.

How do I find to the inner path?

What happens when I set out, bravely, on this path?


You will discover that here you are not alone. All that is needed is the will, a little bravery and trust.

Answers to these fundamental questions will be developed through your biography work.



Ayurvedic Treatments:

In combination with this process of becoming aware, we offer various Ayurvedic treatments for body and mind.


The cleanse through the Ayurvedic treatments frees the body of ballast and blockades (trauma resolution).

Fear, sadness, worries and anger are addressed and can be transformed by recognising and sensing a trust in your own divinity: a coming home into your own being.


These actions (Pancha Karma) effect the cleansing, rejuvenation and the ongoing health of the human as well as the prevention of illness.


Toxins and sediments (Ama) are freed and removed. The various oil-massages and an individual nutritional plan prepare each person for the Ayurvedic cleanse.


Here, these Ayurvedic cleansing methods are experienced as a ritual. Healing actions that do not only heal the body, but also free the mind.


Once the ego is recognised, the fear can be permeated and the underlying reasons for illness, such as vertigo or nausea, can be simultaneously recognised and then released on a mental and physical level.

Only then a transformation is possible.


Following the deep acting cleanse is the reconstructive follow-up treatment. This is necessary to give the body stability and resilience. New life energy, vitality and sustained health are the desired aims of the retreat. Every guest will have individual nutritional and health recommendations. Throughout the stay the daily Ayurvedic massages can be enjoyed over a number of hours. These will include full body massages (Abhyanga), head and foot massages, special back-neck massages, oil-pouring, forehead pouring (Shirodhara) as well as herb applications, herb baths, Shiatsu massages and many more.


The life energy can then follow its unimpeded flow, leading to a new vitality and zest for life. The duration, depending on individual wishes and our recommendation, is for two, three or four weeks and is specific to each individual guest.