Our Meditation and Ayurveda Centre is located on the southernmost point of Sri Lanka, near the towns of Dondra and Matara.


Secluded and at 40m above sea level the 1.5 acres of meditation retreat with a tropical garden are an oasis of calm and a source of energy- the right place for a retreat in your holiday. The ecologically built resort has six modern and spacious, single and double rooms with a bathroom and a terrace or balcony. There is space for a maximum of nine guests, so that each guest can receive intensive care. It is a comfortable, exclusive, loving home with many options for retreat into personal space.


A small, idyllic cove with a sandy beach, perfect for swimming and snorkelling is a few minutes' walk away. Short tours with the tuk-tuk to a bigger beach nearby or to other sights in the region are possible in the afternoon from 16:00 (4 PM). A more extensive excursion can be organised on the free Sunday afternoons.


A retreat in the meditation centre is a time for relaxation, awareness, perception and self-discovery. A place of transformation.

Fears and blockages are recognised and, with the guidance of the meditation teacher Lina Menzel, can be transformed and solved.

Simultaneously the body experiences relaxation, cleansing and healing through the Ayurvedic treatments. A wonderful combination: to encounter oneself and to accept oneself with love.


'Demetrion' is the temple of the goddess of fertility Demeter, the life giving divinity, the existence, the very foundation. The temple of the human is the body, in which the divine can be experienced and lived. The temple of love and of peace.

'Devinuwara' is the name of the village in which we live, in the south of Sri Lanka. This translates to 'the light of all the gods'.

The story is that the old temple is the meeting point of all the gods of all the world, where they gather together in the evening, to take pleasure in the dancing and singing of the people.


Our wish for all our guests is that each may go home, 'hand in hand with him- or herself'.